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We believe in the apartment industry. We believe in the people behind the scenes and the methods that have improved the industry day upon day. Management is the lifeblood of this business. They provide the energy and discipline to keep properties maintained. These are the leaders, and the luminaries; collectively shaping our industry for the future.

There is a problem creeping into managements work lives. This problem that didn’t seem like a problem at first, but has repeatedly devoured a weekly chunk of managements work week. One that may continue to torment on a weekly basis, a problem in which we have also been acquainted…

Market Survey Calling

If your management team isn’t collecting market surveys it is playing the rental game blind. This is dangerous practice and is worth correcting. These days it is hard to imagine a life without the convenience of the internet, yet the majority of the time these surveys are attempted over the phone. They bring wonderful information and keep us competitive. Yet, they are tedious and frustrating. Neighbors are called, in hopes of a quick answer with accurate information. Managers are met with voicemail and never get called back. Unfortunately, phone tag has become wildly prevalent in the apartment industry, and this has become the norm. On top of all this the phone rings off the hook with neighbors pleading for our information, causing managers to react and break their focus in daily tasks.

There is always a new technology or process to learn, new habits to develop, new trends to consider. These are the characteristics of today’s day and age. Fortunately, some of these new technologies are actually designed to make our lives easier. Allowing us to remain focused in an increasingly reactive society. Granting us the opportunity to make the transition from a life of calling and imprisonment, to a life of clicking and liberation.

It is worth converting your market surveys to an online platform as soon as possible. As with anything new the transition will take a little time to set up at the beginning, but the payoff over time is well worth it. It is time to remove the burden of market survey calls from your management team.

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